Human Capital Management

Trending IT recruitment software tools which are the future of Human Capital Management

In the new war to win the best talent for the enterprise, the HR and recruiting industry and its associated market continues to evolve. HR software continues to grow in importance as it plays an essentially pivotal role in the way the (HCM) Human Capital Management strategies are planned and executed in the business companies.

Having the appropriate technological support, boosts an enterprise to achieve their business goals and targets in an efficient and effective manner. This means the spending on HR and recruiting technologies also have been witnessing a high in some of the years now which seems to growing in the near future too. While the companies consciously and continuously move towards an integrated HCM solution which would present a complete solution to the human resource and talent management, let us delve into the most trending software tools which are helping achieve the desired in times ahead.

1.Jobvite. Jobvite is one of the most upcoming HR software which is reliable and offers flexible solutions which are designed to serve an enterprise as big as a multinational and SMB. Dynamic software already, it is under constant improvement to deliver an invigorating product which makes it scale the charts of popularity amongst its customers. The long term sustainability and viability of Jobvite can be established from its ability to deliver on areas like CRM and advance analytics employers. Jobvite is here to stay and is certainly one of the safest bets in the market.

2.SnagAJob. In the loud market with the most innovative and flashiest options, SnagAJob continues to offer all what is assured for the manifold multi- unit, multi franchise type employers who have their major chunk posted on the software. Its market is continuously on a rise and has a promising future as well. SnagAJob has been offering an integrated as well as standalone solution and has now collaborated with PeopleMatter which is an ATS provider to offer more than before to its clients.

3.Portfolium. This software has spread out and entered into exclusive partnership with over 150 universities and thus has a huge database and incredibly sophisticated proprietary. Portfolium offers features such as automated alumni engagement, digitalized career service centers and solutions for white-labeling professional networks which places it at a much stronger position in the market.

4.InterviewJet. This is one recruitment tool which has identified the realities behind the fragmented and oversaturated staffing and third party solutions space. The very fact that 40% of its clientele is contributed from third party vendors proves that. Following a straight forward business model, InterviewJet delivers a selective 10-15 high quality probable candidates directly to its client’s inbox every week and if it doesn’t work out another list is with the clients the next week. InterviewJet is a competitive differentiator which is all that matters for future.

5.RAI by Hiring Solved. The most recent version launched by the company is going great guns in the HCM industry and termed as ‘the first artificial intelligence recruitment software’ which promises to get even better in the times ahead. It involves predictive models, neutral networks which gives it an analytical approach and has even launched its own integrated AI solution for sourcing and selection.

While the market is flooded with HCM software, choosing from the lot can be a cumbersome process but with Infognana, you can rest your IT recruitment worries with us and concentrate on you core business targets. Infognana promises to bring you the best in the industry talent which will prove to be the wind beneath your wings.