How Will AI Change The Domain Of IT Recruitment In Coming Years?

The recent few years have been marked by a swift transition to adoption of newer technologies in almost every industry vertical. IT recruitment is definitely one of them and probably, the most affected one. The rise of AI or Artificial Intelligence is pointing towards a transformative phase for this industry.

However, the most pertinent question being asked in this regard is- Will it replace the human recruiters? Perhaps, it may. But, the whole picture is not that gloomy as it seems to be. In fact, innovative technologies like AI are designed to simplify our tasks and enrich our lives.

It’s a New World Order:

The smart technological advancements are taking us to a newer world order where robots will significantly replace the human workforce. It is believed that a substantial part of jobs in the UK alone will be lost to automation by the end of 2020. If viewed from a wider perspective, Artificial Intelligence is a disruptive breakthrough for the recruitment industry. Though, it is highly misconstrued, it will largely improve the job creation and headhunting processes. There are stats suggesting that 85% job applicants never hear back from an organization after submitting their resume. At the same time, 71% employers complain about their inability to find the right talents. AI can fill this gap by providing valuable insights about the potential candidates.

Implication of Using AI for Recruitment:

The AI-enriched recruitment services can ensure more precision in hiring processes. It will help recruiters in focusing more on interview sessions and onboarding. The traditional recruitment funnel involving mundane tasks of sorting the resumes and matching them with required positions will be handled by the robots. As a result, humans will be left with more time to concentrate on the core tasks. This cost-optimized process will actually bring long-term benefits both for the organizations and recruiters. AI can largely transform candidate screening processes. In this technology, basic candidate questions are being asked by the bots and it helps in collecting the preliminary information about each candidate. There is an automated interactive process where each candidate receives communication from recruiter’s side. There is one more viewpoint to this technology. You can experience a collaborative environment where recruitment companies will work in tandem with robots for some specialized roles.

Will AI Replace the Humans?

Many tasks entrusted on recruiters may go in the hands of bots in the coming years. Automation will affect hiring industry with a serious impact. Some advanced AI interfaces can pose serious threats to human workers in this industry by completing jobs like searching the candidates, sourcing them, interacting with them, matching the candidates, and communicating with the clients. However, these are distant notions. Many experts believe that machines can never replace humans completely because robots can collect data and recognize some specific patterns in them. But, they can’t interpret this data with the efficiency and rationality that only human brain possesses. Also, AI can create new jobs for the IT recruitment services industry. It can bring dexterity in recruiting process, create enriching candidate experiences, and bring significant ROI.

The Solution:

The future of HR industry will be significantly influenced by robots. In this regard, recruiters need to adapt to the latest technologies at the right time. Even in the AI-based recruitment processes, nothing can replace emotional intelligence and innovative thinking of the human recruiters. It will rather streamline the process of screening and support the candidates looking for opportunities in specified industries. As a result, we will usher in an era of smart recruiting.

At Infognana, we have adopted the latest HR tech trends in our IT recruitment services for offering desired outcomes and cost benefits to the clients.