Big Data Analytics

How Big Data Analytics is revamping the e-publishing sector

The change in the economics of the world in each product and service is undergoing a continuous transformation which is no less than a metaphoric phenomenon and the world of e-publishing is not less affected. Content in any form whether media, entertainment or books are adapting to the changes as per the customer requirement and exploring the Big Data Analytics comes handy in the effort.

Book publishing today needs a deep insight today and needs to evolve drawing from the demand of the user based on his reading experience. Whether academic or non academic, the content provided by books have to be engaging, interactive as well as personalized. But the growth in this sphere has been lesser than required. This demands a bigger focus on reader’s insight and mining up of related data.

What Can Big Data Do For Publishers?

Before the world of books was hit by digitalization, publishers drew inferences collaborating from the sales data. The feedback regarding the content however was only possible through voiced reviews and sales feedback. However e-publishing and digital reading have made it possible to dig deep into a customer’s reading progress and preferences with details like – which books were not read at all, which were opened to be left in between or maybe finished till the end. Cracking down the big data to this level definitely provides the publishers with the accurate data and an honest feedback about the content’s performance. Although the technology is relatively new in this sector but many publishers have already been benefiting from the results. Infognana is a premier IT organization which is a one stop solution for all our IT queries and e-publishing is a sector which has benefited tremendously by our big data solutions in this platform.

Academic or Non Academic, Big Data Serves All

It is the academic books and the content thereof which is predicted for an upsurge in the coming 5 years. While the expansion ahead is most expected, it is time that the publishers in this segment of books, turn to Big Data instead of just going with traditional procedures and their experience. Publishers can even take lead from various online reviews, hash tags and Facebook likes about the performance of the content and plan future publishing also. The feedback about content can be tracked down at granular level as big data analytics can help understand reader’s affinity for various configurations of a given product in a much better way. Although academic books have a consistent and predictive market, the analysis in non academic segment helps to pick up the more readable content assisting the publishers in making a better bet with the authors. This technology would also prove as a boon to those books and authors which achieve high completion rates but yet have been suffering low sales.

The publishers can benefit from the online tools like Google Analytics, Shopify, etc but even this hassle can be avoided when you join hands with Infognana and experience a whole new e-publishing world which is gaining support from the big data analytics. Contact Infognana for getting an opportunity to act on engagement of real time data and not just on sales feedback.